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Azure Realm is a post-by-post RP site for any type of character you can think of.
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 Welcome to Azure Realm!

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PostSubject: Welcome to Azure Realm!   Sun Jan 31, 2010 3:49 pm

Welcome to the Azure Realm! This is a PR site based off the concept of having a character from "somewhere else". Because of this, you may create any sort of character you wish. There are going to be two different types of topics available to all members. The first is just a general RP. You start a topic, either open topic or closed, with other members. The other type of topic is a Quest or World topic, in which one member acts as the storyteller, where they describe the world or quest and other characters join.

You can only have one character per account, but characters are allowed to have followers, friends, or family that are not played by other members as part of their posts. This may be changed later.

Please remember to join one of the Usergroups (at the top ^) in order to post in any in character area! This is to prove you are in fact a human!
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Welcome to Azure Realm!
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