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 Nicholas Sassha

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PostSubject: Nicholas Sassha   Tue Feb 02, 2010 3:36 pm

Name: Nicholas Sassha
Race: Human
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Nicholas is a young man with messy golden hair and brightly green eyes, his skin is slightly tanned from times out in the sun and the body built is agile looking, but with muscles visible. So the young keyblade warrior is stronger then what one might imagine at first. He is dressed in a blue tunic with a grey leather-belt, brown boots and grey fingerless protection gloves.

The dreamland: The world Nicholas first came from is often called as the world of dreams, to many it is just a world where people go in there dreams. When you sleep you go there, not all people do but some are. But of course people live there normaly, it is a random set of people of all kinds, they can be human, elf or any other race one could possibly think about. Like any world of dreams close to anything is possible to happen.

Nicholas on the other hand is from this world. He was born and raised there by his parents. He have not visited his home world for many years now, but because of his duties he is able to move from world to world.


Keyblade master: Nicholas is a user of the keyblade mastery, he have a key looking blade as a weapon that grants him different kind of abilities when used. He can at will summon his weapon if it is dropped simply by raising his hand in the air. When not needed the young warrior can also dismiss his weapon and resummon it at a later time. The key also has the power to unlock all locks, be they magical or not.

Throw weapon: Nicholas can throw his weapon thought the air in order to do damage to enemies. The blade quickly returns to his hand when the attack is finnished. Not one of his most powerful abilities, but it works.

Charge up Key: Nicholas can focus energy into his keyblade in order to make more powerful attacks. With enough focus he can break thought objects or even send the enrgy into his own body in order to make himself faster or stronger.

Keyblade final! Can only be used when Nicholas have charged up magic for three posts. He can now fire of a series of powerful orblike spheres that attacks enemies around him. They arrive in three waves that randomly attacks from different directions. When the attacks are done Nicholas end it all by slamming his weapon into the ground creating a shockwave of energy spreading out from the impact. After the attack is done the keyblade master is weakened and is most likely unable to fight as good as before.

Lightning magic: Even if Nicholas is not strong with magic he can still use lightning magic, shooting of a bolt of lightning from the palm of his hand is not a problem. He can somtimes charge his keyblade with this energy to shock the enemies, in cases when he do not wish to hurt but stun.

Phobia: Nicholas is extremely afraid of being alone in a small space, he often loses control of himself at such times. Ending with him not being able what to do.

Heroic: Nicholas put the life of others in front of himself, he quickly is the first one that will put himself in the middle of the crossfire to save a friend.

Naive: People would call Nicholas naive, it might be true and he is actually very naive.

Hatred for the Wicked: Nicholas hates the heartless and the damage they do, as a keyblade master it is his job to keep the world safe from evil forces. Even if he is not the kind of person that attacks all evil people he does not trust those that clearly are doing things that will ruin the balance of the world.
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Nicholas Sassha
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