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 Niara Val'yu

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PostSubject: Niara Val'yu   Sun Apr 18, 2010 12:04 pm

Name: Niara Val'yu

Race: Elcina (Cat-like ears and tail with a bit of fuzz on them from once having been covered in fur , favors nature and the four elements. Dislikes 'high' technology)

Appearance: Rust colored 'Egyptian' styled hair. Light brown cat-like eyes. Cream colored skin and fluff on ears and tail. Very petite build, only 5 feet tall.
Dresses in a bodice with top under it that is split into the front and back at the hip.
She wears loose fitting paints and either flat soled soft leather shoes or no shoes at all.
She carries a green padded satchel with her supplies in it.

Home-world: (Big Eyes, Small Mouth)

Ranged Attack (2): Throwing
Organizational Ties (1): Animal Shelter
Healing (3): 30 hp per character, per day
Power flux Chemical (4): 16pts
Devine Relationship (2): Luck; 2 free re-rolls per session
Heightened senses (1): Sound
Heightened Awareness (2): +2 awareness
Wealth (5): Inheritance Great-grandma's Nature Reserve

Attractive Appearance
Light Sleeper
Perfect Pitch
Time Sense

Acrobatics (3): Evasive (4)
Animal Training (3): Dog, Rodent, Birds (4)
Demolitions (2): Tactical (3)
Intimidation (2): Manipulative (3)
Medical (2): Emergency Response (3)
Physical Science (4): Chemistry (5)
Poisons (2): Manufactured (3)
Slight of Hand (3): Pickpocket (4)
Wilderness Survival (1): Forest (2)
Wilderness Tracking (1): Forest (2)
Languages (1): Common, Elcina

Phobias: High Technology & Guns
Achilles Heel: Fire: + 1.5x damage

Improvised Weapon +6 (item) various

Forca: (Power flux Chemical 4) 16pts
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Niara Val'yu
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